Get the complete graduation guide for MCRD Parris Island. This guide will provide you with information on everything from Family Day and Graduation Day schedules, to what to do around base, and so much more.

The Ultimate Guide to Marine Corps Graduation: MCRD Parris Island

Top Hotel Picks for Parris Island

Our recommended hotels are selected based on our personal stays and previous families' experiences, meaning you are guaranteed a perfect stay near Parris Island.

Family Day and Graduation Day Schedule

Through personal experience and research, we have the complete overview of what happens on Family Day and Graduation Day to ensure you don't miss a thing!

About Your Guide

Things to Do On and Off Base

Graduation gives you time to experience both on and off base life at Parris Island, so we have provided some of our top things to do with your new Marine.

Map of MCRD Parris Island

Getting around military bases is not always the easiest thing, especially when all you want is to see your new Marine. Avoid getting lost with our map of Parris Island!

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